Protect Your Vehicle's Paint with Paint Protection Film in Lafayette, La.

Get the Best Protection for Your Investment with Paint Protection Film

Keep your vehicle’s paint looking brand new with Prestige Films, the premier provider of paint protection film in Lafayette, LA. Our Xpel paint protection film, also known as PPF or Clear Bra, is a virtually invisible urethane film that offers excellent protection against scratches, chips, and other forms of damage. Not only does it keep your car looking great, but it also helps maximize its resale value. With four different types of paint protection films to choose from, you can trust Prestige Films to have the perfect solution to suit your unique needs.

Explore our Xpel Paint Protection Films

Ultimate Fusion

Xpel’s Ultimate Fusion is a Ceramic Paint Protection Film that is optically clear, high gloss, self-healing film that protects vehicles from rock chips, scuffs, and light scratches. Developed with a hydrophobic top-coat, the film’s naturally slick surface helps repel water, making protected surfaces easier to wash and stay clean.


Xpel’s Ultimate Plus is a top-of-the-line paint protection film that offers excellent protection against scuffs, scratches, chips, and other types of everyday damage. It is available in three different thicknesses and is virtually invisible, making it an ideal choice for protecting both exterior and interior surfaces.


Xpel’s Stealth Paint Protection Film is a self-healing film that will keep your vehicle’s matte, magno, frozen, or frosted finish looking smooth and pristine. It can also be used to protect gloss paint and give it a whole new look!


Xpel’s Ultimate Plus Black is a unique paint protection film that is completely opaque and perfect for protecting high-impact areas, adding custom protective accents, or achieving a mirror-like black finish without the need for detailing and paint correction. It can be installed like standard Ultimate Plus or Stealth and offers the same level of durability that you would expect from Xpel PPF.

Which PPF Package is right for you?

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