Louisiana Window Tint Medical Exemptions

Louisiana Law RS 32:361.2

This section of the law outlines the conditions for obtaining a medical exemption for a motor vehicle registered in the state, allowing the vehicle to be equipped with sun screening material (window tint) that would otherwise be in violation of state law. In order to qualify for the exemption, the registered owner, spouse, or other family member operating or authorized to operate the vehicle must have an affidavit signed by a licensed optometrist or physician stating that the person has a physical or medical condition involving the effects of the sun that makes it necessary to equip the vehicle with such material. A copy of the affidavit must be kept in the vehicle at all times. The exemption may be subject to review every three years, unless otherwise deemed necessary by the department. Persons convicted of violent crimes or drug offenses are not eligible for the exemption.

Louisiana Window Tint Laws