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Wash Bucket Kit

What’s Included?

(1) Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket (4.5 Gal).

(1) Bucket Lid, Red.

(1) Cyclone Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert, Black.

(1) Citrus Wash & Gloss Concentrated Car Wash (16 oz).

(1) Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt.


This Chemical Guys Best Detailing Bucket Kit, comes with a Professional Detailing Bucket, Dirt Trap car wash screen, a premium microfiber wash mitt, and a bottle of Citrus Wash & Gloss car wash soap. No more need for old mop pails and hardware store buckets: the Professional Detailing Bucket is made from food-grade plastic, and is over 30% thicker. This rugged design lasts for years of detailing use, and is tailored to fit wash screens like the Dirt Trap. Filter out the wash water to trap abrasive dirt and debris washed off the car at the bottom of the bucket. Keep the wash water clean to avoid rubbing abrasive dirt and grime into the paint, and you’ll help prevent swirls and scratches before they even start.


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