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Microfiber Wash Mitt


The Chenille Wash Mitt is made of extra plush microfiber that holds tons of clean water and soap to drench any car in thick foaming suds for the ultimate scratch and swirl free washing experience. How to Use it 1. Use two buckets: fill one bucket with 5 gallons of water and 1 – 3 oz of Chemical Guys car wash soap and the other with plain water. 2.Rinse your car, then wash in straight lines with the soapy mitt. 3.After cleaning a panel or two, dip the dirty mitt in the bucket of plain water to loosen the embedded dirt, then wring it out on the ground. 4.Return to the soap bucket and continue to wash the whole car. 5.Rinse away all soap and dirt from the car, then dry with premium microfiber towels.


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